Mtech IEEE Projects 2018-2019

We offer Mtech projects for ECE students in various domains.

Best VLSI Projects for Mtech Students

1. A 2- µs Fast-Response Step-Up Converter With Efficiency-Enhancement Techniques Suitable for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
2. A Combined Optimization-Theoretic and Side- Channel Approach for Attacking Strong Physical Unclonable Functions
3. A Reconfigurable LDPC Decoder Optimized for 802.11n/ac Applications
4. A Time-Efficient CMOS-Memristive Programmable Circuit Realizing Logic Functions in Generalized AND–XOR Structures
5. An Area-Efficient BIRA With 1-D Spare Segments
6. An Efficient Fault-Tolerance Design for Integer Parallel Matrix–Vector Multiplications
7. An Energy-Efficient Programmable Manycore Accelerator for Personalized Biomedical Applications
8. An FPGA-Based Phase Measurement System
9. An Ultralow Power Subthreshold CMOS Voltage Reference Without Requiring Resistors or BJTs
10. An Uncooled Microbolometer Infrared Imager With a Shutter-Based Successive-Approximation Calibration Loop
11. Asynchronous-Logic QDI Quad-Rail Sense-Amplifier Half-Buffer Approach for NoC Router Design
12. Delay Monitoring System With Multiple Generic Monitors for Wide Voltage Range Operation
13. Dynamic Choke Sensing for Timing Error Resilience in NTC Systems
14. Efficient Analog Circuits for Boolean Satisfiability
15. HYDRA: Heterodyne Crosstalk Mitigation With Double Microring Resonators and Data Encoding for Photonic NoCs
16. Low-Cost Pseudoasynchronous Circuit Design Style With Reduced Exploitable Side Information
17. Memory-Based Architecture for Multicharacter Aho–Corasick String Matching
18. Mitigating BTI-Induced Degradation in STT-MRAM Sensing Schemes
19. PhLock:A Cache Energy Saving Technique Using Phase-Based Cache Locking
20. Reliability-Aware Runtime Adaption Through a Statically Generated Task Schedule
21. Sparse Regression Driven Mixture Importance Sampling for Memory Design